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Co-Parenting Tips A to Z

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I signed an email to my child’s teacher, “Michael’s parenting team,” and cc’d his dad, step-mom, and my husband. She replied saying it was refreshing to see divorced parents work together. I can’t say we get everything right, but cooperating on school work and communication with teachers is one area we’ve done well, despite the uphill climb we often feel like we’re facing, raising kids in two homes. If only all co-parenting tips were as simple as, “cc the other parent on all school communications.”

For whatever reason you and your children’s father aren’t together, there’s likely some broken trust and damage to your relationship which makes co-parenting incredibly difficult. Sometimes doing it your own way and pointing fingers for any missteps is definitely the easier route, but that’s never the right choice for the health of your children. Instead, here are 26 co-parenting tips from A to Z that will help resolve conflict and keep your focus on your kids.

A – Always put the kids first.
B – Be respectful.
C – Communicate gracefully.
D – Disagree privately.
E – Encourage unity in the family.
F – Free yourself from resentment.
G – Give thanks for quality time with your kids.
H – Honesty helps.
I – Initiate productive conversations with your children’s father.
J – Join forces for the benefit of your children.
K – Keep kindness a priority.
L – Listen attentively.
M – Meet halfway.
N – Nurture your children’s relationship with their father.
O – Offer forgiveness.
P – Participate joyfully.
Q – Quickly resolve conflict.
R – Regroup when necessary.
S – Separate facts from feelings.
T – Turn to God or wise counsel for support.
U – Understand differing perspectives.
V – Vent confidentially.
W – Watch your words.
X – “X”-pect challenges.
Y – Yield to love.
Z – Zip the lips.

Remember: Children want to love both parents! So don’t hit your ex below the belt. Swallow your pride, bury your grievances, and let go to move on. Your children need you now more than ever.

What are some tried and true co-parenting tips that work for you?


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