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Is Your Daughter Afraid to Come to You With These Questions Kids Ask?

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I have a 13-year-old daughter. We can talk about most things, but I’m sure there are some things she feels at least a little uncomfortable bringing up. What about you? Were you able to ask your mom anything? What about your daughter—is she comfortable asking you just about anything? Even if you’re really close with her, there still might be some questions she’s afraid to bring up. Or, maybe she’s tired of asking you because of the way you react.

So take a look at these 15 Questions Your Daughter’s Afraid to Ask and consider if it’s time to go to her before she finds her answers elsewhere – from her friends or the Internet.

These questions kids ask cover a lot of areas, but many of them arise during adolescence and into the teen years. Check off the ones your daughter has discussed with you, then consider whether she’s afraid to bring up the others or just not concerned about them. If you’re unsure, try to casually bring them up in conversation.

  1. How far should I go with a boy?
  2. Can I come to you if I go too far with a boy?
  3. Is it normal to not like my body?
  4. Is it okay if I have doubts about God?
  5. Why does God let bad things happen?
  6. What is pornography?
  7. What kind of girls do boys like the most?
  8. Is it normal for me to want to try cigarettes or drink?
  9. Is it normal for me to have bad thoughts sometimes?
  10. Why don’t we just hang out more?
  11. Why do you seem stressed all of the time?
  12. Why can’t our family be different?
  13. Why do you and dad argue so much?
  14. Will you and dad ever get divorced?
  15. Do you really love me the way I am?

(Here’s how to get more discussions going with your daughter. Check out our TALK Conversation Starters.)

Let’s Talk: What other questions might daughters be afraid to ask their moms?


Do you know that you can talk to me about anything or come to me with any questions you have?

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