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Family Games and Fun

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If you go to the game aisle at the store, you’ll see more games than you could play in a month. There are some really fun board games out there, but who says games have to include a board, dice, or complicated rules? Some of the best family games are super simple and involve nothing but the people around the table.

Check out these family games for your next game night or lazy afternoon. Some require zero setup (which means zero cleanup, too!), others sneak in a little education, and others get everyone moving. So whatever family game mood your crew is in, there’s something that will bring everyone together, laughing, talking, and loving well!

Family Games to Get Silly family games selfie scavenger hunt

Games that involve a lot of strategy-making or money-counting, are fun, but sometimes families just need to let loose and get silly. Kids love seeing Mom and Dad relax and act like kids themselves, so these family games are some of our favorites.

Family Games for Outdoors

You might picture family games being played around the dining room table, but all parents know that sometimes you’ve gotta take the fun outside. These games are ideal for those days when the weather begs you to get out and breathe in the fresh air. If you want some totally original ideas, these 15 Backyard Games are silly and fun for all ages. Don’t forget the instructions, so you can start the fun ASAP!

Games to Get Families Talking

When life is busy, it can feel like the members of your family are ships passing in the night. The only words you exchange are grocery requests, pick-up times, and questions about missing socks. Family games are great for connecting and talking while having fun. Your kids will giggle over our printable Mom and Dad Love Story Quiz. How well do they know how you and your husband fell in love?

  • Our Sweet Talk Game is a great game to help you grow closer as a family by listening and sharing (and eating candy!).
  • How well do you know your kids? How well do they know you? Play our What Do You Know? game and find out!

family games road trip bingoGames for Traveling

Game time doesn’t end when you’re on vacation. In fact, car games are some of the best memory-makers. Who doesn’t remember playing Road Trip Bingo? We have our own version plus two more car games: Road Trip I Spy and the License Plate Game.

  • If you’re traveling only a short distance, there’s still time for fun with our Car Time Rhyme game.

What kinds of games does your family like to play together?



What makes a good family game night?

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