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Selfie Scavenger Hunt

Update your party with a 21st-century take on a classic: a selfie scavenger hunt. All you need is a phone (or dust off an old digital camera if you have one!) and our free printable. Print your list, pick a time limit, and go hunting. You don’t have to make it a race, but the beauty of a time limit is it makes the players a little less finicky about capturing that perfect selfie angle. They can zoom in on fun! 

Our Selfie Scavenger Hunt printable is perfect for a family fun day with some one-on-one time. Mom and Dad can be team captains and everyone can meet for lunch when the hunt is over to tally the score and laugh at the photos. Of course, it’s also a great game for birthday parties. The beauty of this hunt is that while you can take it on the road, you could also stay right in your neighborhood and make the kids hoof it. By the end, the selfies might be a little sweaty! 

Feel free to add some customized rules or stops to your game. You could require silly faces, throw in a few black and white photos, or even add in some hometown landmarks. Maybe every team has to hit up the local ice cream shop and share a banana split while blindfolded! You could send teams to your elementary school or the high school football field where you spent your Friday nights as a teen. This selfie scavenger hunt can be a great way to have fun and share some special memories with your kids.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. There are no points for creativity, but it could help you score just one more photo. So print a few copies, plan your route, and start the selfie fun.

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