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Fun Activities for Kids

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A mom’s list of fun activities for kids can never be long enough. We need them when we’re throwing birthday parties or when our kids are bored. We need them on rainy days or on a Friday night when we’re feeling totally spent from a long week. We need fun activities for little kids when the cousins come over and activities for big kids when all of a sudden, the stuff we used to do isn’t cool anymore.

One thing’s for certain. It makes your heart feel full when you see your kids having a good time with their friends, siblings, or even by themselves, using their imaginations. These fun activities for kids will help your kids make fun memories without taking a ton of time and effort from you—and you’ll be known as the mom who always has a fun idea up her sleeve!

It’s that time of the year!fun activities for kids summer

Sometimes you have to manufacture the fun, while other times, it’s as though a special occasion or even the weather shouts, “Let’s play!” So lean in and allow the time of the year to dictate the fun. Our free 50 Things to Do This Summer printable looks great on the fridge and can help you fill summer days with memory makers. And if you’re looking for fun activities for kids with less chance of sunburn, try our 10 Things to Do With Kids on Summer Nights.

More seasonal sillies:
Make your kids smile with St. Patrick’s Day jokes.
Enjoy the Super Bowl as a family with our family fun guide and trivia.
School’s out? Celebrate with an awesome end-of-the-school-year party!

Get outdoors.

When the kids are itching to go outside and play but are bored with hide and seek, you know they’re going to come looking to you. So check out our ideas that get them breathing the fresh air and enjoying the outdoors, like these five water games.

Stay outside and play with these ideas:
Try these 10 ideas for outdoor fun.
Teach your kids about God’s handiwork with these activities.
And satisfy a sweet tooth in a healthy and fun way with fun with watermelon!

Family time is the best activities for kids challenge

Fun activities for kids are great when you need your kids to get out from under your feet. But the best activities really are the ones that bring families closer together and boy, do we have a ton! If you think you’re up to it, try our 30 Day Family Time Challenge. We even made it into a handy printable for you.

Is your family ready for more?
Try our Family Fun Time Cards. Those are the originals and because they were so popular, here are more!
Here are fun activities for when the grandparents are over to play.
Here are family activities that won’t break the bank.
We’ve got these 10 memory-making activities that your kids will love.
These 20 ideas for a family fun night are sure to make great memories.

Sometimes they just need Mom.

We spend so much time with our kids, but it’s not always quality time. Here are some sweet ways to fill your kids’ love tanks with plenty of TLC. You can start with these five fun ways to show your kids some love.

More fun with mom:
Boy moms! Here are five things you can do to connect with your son.
Your turn, girl moms! These eight mother-daughter outings will help you connect with your sweet girl.
And here are 20 ideas for dates with kids that will make them feel like the center of attention.

Have some “just because” fun!fun activities for kids treasure hunt

When the kids are bored or you want to try something a little different, these ideas for fun activities for kids are perfect—they’re simple, yet entertaining. Low stress, yet fun. Start with our free printable Colorful Treasure Hunt Clues for Kids.

When the treasure hunt is done, try this:
Teach your kids to tap into their imaginations with an imaginary trip.
Enjoy a bug-free campout with indoor camping ideas.
And this list of family fun box ideas is sure to have some activities you’ve never tried.

It’s finally the weekend!

Saturday or Sunday Fun Days are just what busy families need after a stressful week at work and school. Kick off the fun with these 10 wacky weekend ideas.

The weekend’s not over yet!
Missing something? Here are five tips for a meaningful weekend.
And here are 14 family activities that are so much fun everyone will feel recharged for Monday.

Get artsy-craftsy.

Even if you don’t have a crafty bone in your body, your kids will think you’re amazing with these fun craft activities. Start with our three cool crafts for family fun.

More crafty creations:
Here’s how to make paint for kids.
You don’t need an excuse to put on a crown, but these homemade crowns are the perfect addition to any celebration.
Your kids will love our homemade prayer photo frame, too!

Time to eat!

Cooking, mealtime conversations, the presence of family around the dinner table—they all lead to full hearts and bellies. So be sure to check out these four ways to make dinnertime awesome.

Still hungry?
Here are five family mealtime conversation starters.
Your kids can create their own restaurant with these ideas.
And spice up the dinner table with eight themed dinner ideas.

Small but mighty fun!

Every mom knows little kids need a lot of attention and the more colorful and hands-on the activity, the better! Here are 12 preschooler activities that are sure to keep them engaged.

More fun for little hands:
Get back to the basics with our happy words coloring page.
These five crafts for kids are fun for Mom too!

Curl up on the couch.

It’s a great day when your kids are old enough to sit still through an entire movie that the whole family can enjoy. Now the hard part is picking the movie! Here are eight great family movies and 10 throwback movies. All of these are under-the-radar but sure to make for some good conversations.

Celebrate good times!

When there are kids around, there’s always a reason to celebrate. Peeing in the potty, tying shoes, making the team, getting an A on an exam—here are activities to celebrate all the exciting moments. And of course, you’ve got to celebrate birthdays. Here are simple birthday ideas for the times you want the celebration to be more low-key.

Help them learn and grow.

When your kids are having fun but also growing into healthy, well-rounded little people—that’s when moms feel like they’ve earned a gold star. These random acts of kindness for families are great ways to grow in love while you serve others. We even created a cute printable to help you track your kindness!

More growing ahead!
These four family activities are must-dos before the kids get too old.
Teach your kids how to harness their dreams with a dream board.
Help them grow physically by teaching picky eaters how to cook.
And show them that screen-free fun is possible with these ideas for TV-free family evenings.

What are your favorite fun activities for kids? Share your ideas in the comments!


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