Get Ready! Organized Holiday Decorations

organized holiday decorations

Last year, on the weekend after Thanksgiving, I was ready to get my Christmas on. But, when I pulled the old decorations down from the attic, I realized that I desperately needed some new items. Garlands and ornaments that had served us well for years were looking tired, and half of our lights were completely dead. No problem. I’d just run to the local crafty/home decor superstore and grab what I needed.

I should have known from the catastrophic appearance of the store that I was in trouble. (Black Friday weekend had turned this place into a war-torn village.) Unphased, I asked the nearest associate where I could find more wreaths, ribbon, and a few strands of white lights. She literally burst into laughter. Hooted. My sales associate friend was thoroughly entertained that I thought I could buy decor for a December holiday on the last weekend in November! I was about two weeks too late, a month too late if I wanted “the good stuff.”

The moral of the story? It may seem early, but now is the time to inventory and organize your holiday decor. {Tweet This} It will allow you to throw out what you no longer use (a space saver), organize what you will use so that it’s easily accessible come time to deck the halls, and make a shopping list for things you need to make your home sparkle with holiday cheer…before “the good stuff” is gone! Here’s a game plan for getting your holiday decor act together.

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1. Bring it all out.

Yes, it’s a lot of work but getting everything out of the closet or attic will allow you to truly see what’s what. Enlist a couple of strong kids or a handsome husband to do the heavy lifting.

2. Out with the old.

Remember when you were in your snowman holiday decor phase? Yeah, that’s over. So why are you still wading through 42 snowman-themed knick-knacks you’ll never use again? If you haven’t used an item to decorate in the last three years, odds are you never will. Unless it’s a family heirloom, donate or trash it.

Retire worn artificial greenery such as wreaths, garlands, and swags. The synthetic needles on these items begin to lose their luster after several rounds of being used and packed away (especially if they’re packed carelessly–but more on that later). If that old mantle swag is loosing green plastic every time it’s touched, thank it for its years of service and give it a proper burial.

4. Organize.

Now that you’re down to the items you’ll truly use this year, separate them in a way that makes sense to you: ornaments in a container for ornaments, lights on spools, and tabletop display pieces in appropriate containers of their own. The right system will make it far easier to put things up on decoration day and far easier to pack them away after the holidays. As they say, a place for everything and everything in its place! Use storage containers designed for holiday items. It’s one more thing to purchase, but the right containers will protect your investment in decor items and make them easier to access. Or try some of these tips for repurposing everyday items as smart storage containers!

5. Add pieces or purchase replacement pieces.

Now that your existing decor is edited, you know exactly what you need to replace discarded pieces or add to your collection. Hit the stores and purchase what you need. Make sure it’s “the good stuff.”

6. Label and store.

Clearly label each container before placing them back in the closet or attic. That way you’ll know exactly what to grab on decorating day. Try these printable labels to make your containers festive!

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