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4 Reasons Your Kids Need You to Act Like a Kid

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A visit to the trampoline park was a last-minute idea. I’m not the most active mom, much preferring to sit on the sidelines with my phone in hand. But this was the weekend before school started, and I wanted to create memories with my kids. After purchasing our fluorescent orange grippy socks, my husband and I followed our two kids onto the closest trampolines. Several kids were jumping, but a long line of phone-scrolling parents sat on the edge. None were wearing those telltale orange socks. This made me sad.

My family had a fantastic time together that night. My kids watched as I threw myself off a diving board and into a foam pit. They cracked up when I whacked my husband off a balance beam with a foam pole, only to lose my balance and tumble off after him. I even climbed my first rock wall, which I wasn’t certain I could do. I don’t want my kids to remember me sitting on the sidelines. It’s good for them to see I know how to be a kid again. Here are 4 good reasons why your children need you to ditch some inhibition (and your phone) and act like a kid.

1. Children capture vivid memories.

Kids remember unique things. Will they remember you sitting by the pool with your nose in a book? Probably not, and if they do, it’s not a great memory. A better memory? Mom tossing her phone aside to cannonball into the deep end or letting the kids rate her cool moves for a change.

2. Kids get to enjoy childhood and not yearn to grow up.

What kid doesn’t wish to grow up faster? Children feel life is holding out on them because, in their eyes, grown-ups get to do whatever they want. But when Mom acts like a kid? They’re invited to abandon all thoughts of aging and embrace the silly.

3. Your kids need to feel close to you.

It’s easy to turn on a screen or purchase a new toy to buy time away from your children. There are valid reasons to do this. However, God gave us their childhoods as a gift. Instead of saying no, take time to get on the floor to play dolls, Pokémon, or Candy Land. After all, children don’t keep.

Children don't keep. Click To Tweet

4. They are surprised when you’re the fun mom.

Why do dads have an easier time being the fun parent? It’s because moms tend to be neck-deep in the day-to-day details. By the time Dad comes home, you’re tired of saying no and trying to coordinate dinner. He can wrestle with the kids for 10 minutes and make the giggles ring out. But what if you set aside meal prep and jump into the dogpile? It won’t hurt your marriage to win the tickle fight with your husband either.

Bonus: It’s good for you.

Instead of sitting with the other parents at the playground or trampoline park, join the kids! Shrug off that inhibition and have a jumping contest on the trampolines or a “who can swing the highest?” rumble on the swings. In being there for your kids, you can take a breather from your own insecurities. Ditch low self-esteem at the door and show your children what a fun-loving, confident woman looks like.

What keeps you from acting like a kid around your children? 


In what ways should adults act more like kids?

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