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22 Things to Teach Your Kids in 2022

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You know that feeling when you’ve said something in private to your children but they think it’s a good idea to repeat your words in public? I usually have two responses when that happens—great pride or great shame. I’ve definitely experienced both of these feelings when my kids repeat my thoughts in front of others. Sometimes I’m proud, other times I’m embarrassed, and other times I realize I have a lot to teach them.

The generation that’s parenting now is struggling (I can say that because I’m part of it). There’s so much polarity that it feels like we’re constantly arguing over something, whether it’s COVID, politics, or racism. However, I believe we can teach our kids to act better, be kinder, and express their opinions more wisely. The hard truth is that the best way to teach is by example, so we’ve got some changes to make in our own lives. But we can also do it through conversations in the car and around the dinner table. I’ve made a list of 22 things to teach your kids in 2022, but I think if we manage to teach even one of them, we’re on the right track.

1. When people are angry, it often means they are hurting.

2. God designed you to be brave, not fearful.

3. When you feel sad, helping someone else helps you feel better.

4. A healthy way to share your opinion is by calmly using your words.things to teach your kids

5. People are more valuable than things.

6. When you treat people like they’re special and encourage them, you make them feel loved.

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7. Life doesn’t always go how you want it to, so you have to stay flexible.

8. If you feel lonely, join a group that promotes friendship and positivity (sports team, church group, school club, etc.).

9. Working hard and persevering leads to success.

10. Stand up for what’s right, even when it’s hard.

11. Not everything you hear is accurate. Being able to discern truth from lies (even the ones you want to believe) is important.

12. Make an effort to get to know people who are different from you.

13. We spend a lot of time waiting in life. Be hopeful while you wait. {TWEET THIS}

14. Good things can come from even the most awful tragedies.

15. Choose kindness even when you don’t feel like it. And then be kind again.

16. We’re not promised tomorrow, so start working toward your dreams today.

17. If God opens a door, dare to walk through it.

18. Ethnicity is beautiful and worth celebrating.

19. God hears you when you pray.

20. Our family is special. We need to look out for one another and be a team.

21. Listen to how people feel and then believe them.

22. When you see someone who seems sad, think of a way to help him or her feel better.

We spend a lot of time waiting in life. Be hopeful while you wait. Click To Tweet

What are some other things to teach your kids in 2022?


What would you do if you saw someone crying?

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