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Don’t Forget to Remember

There are lessons you learn as a child that aren’t taught in school. These special moments that leave a mark on your heart usually come just by experiencing life with a sense of wonder. As we get older, we learn more complicated lessons, but it would do us all some good to recall those simpler ones. After all, simple doesn’t necessarily mean unimportant. In fact, some of the lessons you learn as a child, like kindness, sharing, and cooperation, are the most important of all.

Every mom wants her children to hold on to the important lessons, so we’re making it a little easier with our Don’t Forget to Remember printable page. It’s inspired by the children’s song and book of the same name by one of our favorite mom friends, Ellie Holcomb. Just put your child’s name at the top and fill in what you want your children to always remember (or use our ideas). Frame the list and put it in your child’s bedroom, send it to your college student in a care package, or seal it in an envelope and give it as a gift on a special birthday. It’s a great way to remind your children of the most important thing—that you’ll always love them!

You can purchase a copy of “Don’t Forget to Remember” using this link. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

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