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10 Ways to Date Your Husband Again

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Think back to the first couple of dates you went on with your husband. Did you stay out late talking, eager to see each other again after you said good night? There really is nothing better than those first few months of dating, when all the love chemicals are flowing.

Maybe those feelings have faded and you’re missing that excitement. What if I told you you could have it back? With a bit of effort and these 10 ideas, you can feel like the romance is fresh and electric. Here’s how to date your husband again.

Plan something.

Nothing zaps romance like, “What do you wanna do?” “Meh. I don’t care. What do you wanna do?” This is how to date your husband again: plan an actual date. Make a reservation or have an idea before you start the evening. Next time, let him do the planning.

Send a text during the day.

If you know you have a night out planned, send a text a few hours before telling him you can’t wait and you have something nice picked out to wear.

Get ready separately.

Has your husband ever watched you put a pair of Spanx on? Yeah… Have him use the guest bath and then go gas up the car. It’s better that way.

Show up separately.

This is the one that takes the most effort, but it’ll be fun and add a bit of mystery. He drives himself, and you call an Uber and meet him at your destination. The moment you find each other in the restaurant or theater, you’ll feel that spark.

Make a playlist.

Pick out songs that are part of your history or remove you from your roles as mom and dad for a couple of hours. I’ve texted my husband before to tell him about a good make-out song (do we still say make-out?). When that song comes up on the playlist, you’ll have his attention.

Touch him in the car.

When my husband and were dating I used to always put my hand on his back while he drove. He loved it. Now my hands are usually on my phone. Put the phone away and hold his hand or touch his arm.

Smile and make eye contact.

When you were dating, he was the most important person in the room. Show him that again by avoiding looking at anyone else. Focus on him.

Shave your legs.

Come on, girls. We’re talkin’ minimal effort here. Yes, even if you’re wearing jeans, shave your legs. It will change your attitude.

Ask him questions about himself.

When you were dating, you just wanted to soak up every word he said about life and ideas and goals. When’s the last time you asked your husband about life, ideas, or goals?

Make out in the car.

Be a teenager again and spend some time in the driveway. Sure, you might need some ibuprofen the next day, but it’ll be worth it.

What did you do when you were dating that you could try again now?


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