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How to Improve Your Marriage through Sleep

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We know it sounds crazy. But you can do a great deal for your marriage relationship by paying attention to your sleep habits. Adequate rest is necessary to enable us to be at our best in all of our relationships. Let’s face it: Tired people are cranky.

But there are even more links between your sleep habits and your marriage relationship than you might realize. A June 2014 study in the American Academy of Sleep Medicine showed that couples were more likely to sleep in sync when the wife is satisfied with the marriage relationship. Additionally, some studies have found that women with sleep problems have more marriage problems as well.

So get those winks you need to feel connected with your honey, and enjoy a better relationship—in and out of the covers.

1. Try to go to sleep at the same time—together—each night.

It won’t always work, but when you can hit the sack with your spouse, it pays multiple benefits:

  • You have those moments in bed before either of you falls asleep in which to talk, feel close, and give physical intimacy a fighting chance in your busy schedule.
  • No one has their sleep interrupted by the spouse who comes to bed later.
  • It may help you establish the routine sleep/wake times most health experts recommend for quality rest.

2. Recognize the impact fatigue has on your relationships.

None of us are as patient, as kind or as engaging when we’re exhausted. If you live your life in a continual state of sleep deprivation, like many Americans do, it will take a toll on your relationships as much as your physical health. Don’t see sleep as a selfish indulgence! It’s something you do for yourself and for those whom you love—so you can be your best for them every day!

3. Make rest a priority.

We know, we know—that last load of laundry will wrinkle in the dryer if you don’t get it out and fold it before lights out. And you like watching TV after the kids go to bed for an hour (or two or three). But none of those things pay the kind of dividends that come with a well rested body and mind. You’ll be able to accomplish more tomorrow—and feel better doing it—if you hit pause on your life at a reasonable hour and move sleep to the top of the priority list.

As you work to improve you marriage, test out these 6 “R” words!

Do you struggle to get the sleep you need? How does it affect your marriage or other relationships?

Dana Hall McCain writes about marriage, parenting, faith and wellness. She is a mom of two, and has been married to a wonderful guy for over 18 years.


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