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How to Stay Healthy During Vacation

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Vacations are a wonderful way to relax and spend time with your family, but many times we let our down time become an excuse to give up our healthy habits. And while it may be fun to try new restaurants and types of food, keep your basic healthy lifestyle going—even while you’re away. You’ll have more energy for all your vacation activities, and you won’t have to worry about weight gain once you return home.

WebMD provides the following practical tips to stay healthy while on vacation:

Avoid Overeating

Most of us are pretty good about watching our portion sizes when we eat at home. But once we get out to a restaurant, we tend to eat larger portion sizes, order fatty foods, and indulge in appetizers and desserts. And those extra calories add up—especially if you are eating in restaurants for most meals while vacationing.

If you aren’t in a situation to take home a doggy bag, consider splitting an entrée or asking for a lunch-size portion. You may even find an interesting appetizer that would be filling enough for a meal. Don’t deny yourself enjoyable food, just maintain your portion control. Be sure to stop eating when you are full, even if you haven’t eaten everything on your plate. And desserts are fun, especially when they highlight the local flavors, but limit your desserts to once a day.

Make Healthy Choices

Try to ask for salad dressings and sauces on the side. And when possible order salad dressings that are low in fat and calories. Opt for healthy vegetable side dishes or fruit desserts. Keep a few healthy snacks in the hotel room so you won’t be tempted to open the mini-bar or walk to the vending machine. Look for a local grocery store for fresh produce or bring a few pre-packaged snacks from home. Be sure to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water, especially if you’re in a warm climate or are staying physically active.

WebMD recommends, “Now, more than ever, make an effort to get five servings of fruits and vegetables a day. It will make meals seem more filling and satisfying. It will provide enough fiber in your diet, and keep your intestines regular. And it will keep your levels of antioxidants and important vitamins high so you are less likely to get sick.”

Stay Active

Even if you do overindulge a bit, you can burn extra calories by taking walking tours, using the hotel’s pool or gym, or checking out the hotel activities, such as water-skiing or golf. Take your kids on a bike ride or go paddle-boating. If your hotel doesn’t have much to offer in physical activities, check out the local park system or other nearby attractions that would involve a lot of walking or hiking.

Vacationing can be a great time of escape from your daily life, but make sure you take your healthy habits with you.

Source: WebMD

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