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20 Husband and Wife Bucket List Ideas

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When’s the last time you and your husband talked about your dreams together? I don’t mean the bizarre one you had last night. I mean your desires to go places, see things, and live your life together. You probably did it when you first got married, when everything seemed promising and exciting. Maybe you even made a couple’s bucket list. But then life happened. Those dreams you dreamed got pushed aside and saved for later. But why can’t later be today?

If we aren’t intentional with our time, we’ll coast through life and just watch it pass us by. By writing down goals and dreams, we start taking steps toward them. So if you don’t have one yet, write a couple’s bucket list together. Include small and big dreams. Whatever you plan to do, plan to do it together. To help keep track of your ideas, we created a Husband and Wife Bucket List printable. Feel free to write in your ideas. But if you need a little more inspiration, here are 20 ideas for a marriage bucket list to get you started.

1. Go back to the place you shared your first date.

2. Take a day off work, send the kids to school, and enjoy the empty house together.

3. Slow dance to your wedding song.

4. Go for a picnic on a hill.

5. Visit the spot where you had your first kiss.

6. Travel to another country.

7. See your favorite band in concert.

8. Learn a new skill—take a pottery class or learn to ski or scuba dive.

9. Get in shape together—run a 5k for fun or a good cause.

10. Read a marriage book together.

11. Find a DIY project around the house and learn how to do it.

12. Serve on a mission trip together.

13. Watch the stars and point out the constellations.

14. Do something extreme—like skydive or bungee jump.

15. Go on a hike and then cozy up by the fire that night.

16. Take each other to the cities where you were born.

17. Rent a sports car or motorcycles and go for a scenic drive.

18. Start a journal of letters to each other.

19. Pick local fruit/vegetables and cook together.

20. “Kidnap” your spouse at a random time and take him on a local adventure.

Don’t wait until tomorrow to start chasing dreams with your spouse because we are only promised today. Enjoy all that life has to offer—together.

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Download the Husband and Wife Bucket List

Tell us! What would you and your spouse put on a couple’s bucket list?


If you could do anything you wanted right now, what would it be?

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