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21 Ways to Make Your Kids Smile and St. Patrick’s Jokes, Too

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It’s amazing the way a little humor can diffuse even the tensest of situations. Just the other morning, my son and I were having words about his homework. At one point, when I could tell that he was very upset with me, I walked over, hands behind my back and said, “And now, I’m going to give you a big kiss!” His expression was one of “Keep your distance, woman!” But it sure did change when I leaned in toward him and pulled out a giant Hershey’s Kiss! He smiled. I smiled, and things went a lot more smoothly after that. It pays to be a fun mom.

So try out some of our 21 ways to make your kids smile, and enjoy our St. Patrick’s Day jokes for kids, too!

  1. Do the funky chicken or just dance like a crazy mama!
  2. Talk like a martian. “Hello-earthlings. Take-me-to-your-leader. Meep.”
  3. Put your clothes on inside out, but act normally.
  4. When your children ask you a question, answer by barking like a dog.
  5. Tickle them!
  6. Share a knock-knock joke. 
  7. Surprise your kids by building an indoor fort.
  8. Announce, “Let’s have a treasure hunt!”
  9. Hula-hoop.
  10. Have a tongue twister contest!
  11. Have a bubblegum blowing contest.
  12. Do a cartwheel!
  13. Wear your pajamas to dinner.
  14. Yell, “Pillow fight!”
  15. Tell your kids they can stay up late!
  16. Ask them a riddle. 
  17. Say, “I’m the Cookie Monster!” and then give them a cookie.
  18. Raise your arms above your head and say, “I have the best kids in the world!”
  19. Say, “No chores today!”
  20. Sing a song that was popular when you were in high school.
  21. Smile at them. I bet they’ll smile right back!

And, here are the St. Patrick’s Day Jokes for more than a wee bit of laughter!

How do you get your kids to smile?


Who makes you smile the most?

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