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Memorial Day Trivia

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What do your children know about Memorial Day? This is a day when we remember the bravery and ultimate sacrifice of those who fought and defended our freedom. This short set of Memorial Day trivia questions for kids will teach them why this holiday matters to their freedom and their future.

We also have a Memorial Day word search and crossword puzzle to help them remember what this day is all about. How many of these 10 bits of Memorial Day trivia can your kids (or you!) get right?

1. On what day of the week is Memorial Day celebrated?

a.      Monday

b.      Tuesday

c.      Wednesday

d.      Saturday

2. Who do we honor on Memorial Day?

a.      Presidents

b.      Bosses

c.      Fallen soliders

d.      The Easter Bunny

3. Waterloo, New York has been named the birthplace of Memorial Day by which President?

a.      President Abraham Lincoln

b.      President Lyndon Johnson

c.      President Bill Clinton

d.      President Teddy Roosevelt

4. What is the largest national cemetery named?

a.      Waterloo National Cemetery

b.      George Washington National Cemetery

c.      Calverton National Cemetery

d.      World War II National Cemetery

5. Where is it located?

a.      Calverton, New York

b.      Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

c.      Tampa, Florida

d.      Arlington, Virginia

6. There is something unique at the Arlington National Cemetery. What is it?

a.      The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

b.      The rarest flower in the world

c.      Grave sites

d.      A playground

7. How many soldiers were originally buried at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier?

a.      4

b.      3

c.      2

d.      1

8. As of 1998, how many soldiers are currently buried at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier?

a.      3

b.      2

c.      1

d.      0

9. Who has been credited as the first to declare that shops are closed for one day to honor the soldiers coming back from the Civil War?

a.      President Abraham Lincoln

b.      Henry Welles

c.      General Robert E. Lee

d.      J.E.B Stuart

10. In 1866, townspeople and live soldiers placed flowers on the graves of fallen soldiers. Before it was Memorial Day, this day was called what?

a.      Peace Day

b.      Remembrance Day

c.      Recollection Day

d.      Decoration Day


1. A. Monday

2. C. Fallen soldiers

3. B. President Lyndon Johnson

4. C. Calverton National Cemetery

5. A. Calverton, New York

6. A. The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

7. A. 4

8. A. 3

9. B. Henry Welles

10. D. Decoration Day

What piece of trivia would you add?


Why do we celebrate Memorial Day?

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