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Morning Routine: Great Ways to Start Your Kids’ Day

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The alarm clock rings and reality hits you – summer vacation’s over! This is what you don’t want to happen once that sinks in: Only minutes into the first day of school and your children are already fighting over the bathroom, the toast is burnt, you’re all rushed and irritable – and, to top it all off, your kids miss the bus!

Not a good way to start the day! So plan now to alleviate some of that craziness with our kid-friendly organizational chart. Remember too, the morning starts with you! Here are 8 things you can do to set the tone for a peaceful morning.

In the book 1001 More Things to Do with Your Kids, Caryl Waller Krueger suggests several ways to make the morning a bit better for you and your kids:

  • Play music in your house.
  • Give your children their own alarm clocks and a list of what they are expected to do on their own each morning.
  • Give your kids a quick tickle as you are rushing by each other.
  • Have your kids shout out the numbers of their listed routine as they are accomplished (i.e. “one” after their first step is completed, such as the bathroom stop, dressing, bed-making, etc.). After you hear lots of final numbers, that’s a good signal for you that breakfast can begin.
  • Breakfast is necessary for your children to have a good morning at school. Have foods that are quick and easy to prepare, and save the time-consuming foods for the weekend.
  • Take time for breakfast conversation, such as plans for the day, encouragements, and news. Be sure your kids know you love them before you send them off to school.
  • Another fun conversation starter for the breakfast table is to share “the best thing I’m going to do today.”
  • Use your time carpooling to talk with your kids about what is going on in their lives. Or have fun learning new songs or playing license plate games.

Mornings don’t have to be miserable. Just do a few little things to get your kids off to a good start.

Bonus: Another great way for your kids to have a great morning is to attend an All Pro Dad’s Day Breakfast with their dad at school. Typically it happens once a month. It’s a wonderful way for them to bond and for their dad to have a presence at their school. Check to see if you have one at your kid’s school. 

Tell us! What’s one morning routine that helps get you going in the morning? 


What do you enjoy most about your morning routine?

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