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30 Day Encouragement Challenge

The other night my daughter walked up beside me and draped her arm across my back, her hand resting on my shoulder. “I feel discouraged, Mom,” she said. My heart broke. She was in the middle of a pretty big challenge, and she was having a down day. I tried to encourage her and offered my love, support, and hope that things would get better.

Sometimes, though, we aren’t aware that our children are down, so we don’t offer our support. That’s why it’s important for us to get in the habit of offering a steady flow of encouragement in bad times and good times. Our 30 Day Encouragement Challenge can help you do that. Look at these words of encouragement for kids, then every day for 30 days, choose one of them to share with your child. Use them as a starting point for longer conversations. You can gauge your child’s condition by the way he or she reacts to them.

How do you encourage your children?

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