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30 Day Marriage Challenge

Can your marriage become stronger and happier in just 30 days? Can you really change your marriage for the better by doing just one little extra thing a day? Will you believe us if we say the answer is yes?

We do believe that our 30 Day Marriage Challenge can make a big difference in your marriage. All you have to do is commit to doing a little bit, each day, for a better marriage. Every day of the month, find the corresponding number and follow the tip. So if you begin the challenge on January 8; start with tip 8 and move on from there. You can repeat the list every month!

Now we know we also encouraged you to take our 30 Day Pillow Talk Challenge, but we have faith in you that you can strengthen your relationship with your children and your marriage at the same time. Get started today and experience the difference in your own life.

Would your husband like to take his own 30 Day Marriage Challenge? Here’s a great one from our friends at All Pro Dad.

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