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Clean Up Cards

Divvy up the chores and get the housework done so that mom will have time for some family fun!  When your kids are clamoring to get out on the weekend, but you are overwhelmed with housework, take time for an important life lesson – teamwork.  Here’s a great idea for teaching teamwork. When there’s work to be done, have everyone choose a card or two, and perform the task on the card.  If someone finishes early, they can benefit by helping someone else because the sooner they finish, the sooner the family fun begins!

Choose the housework items you need done from the cards below.  Place them in a bowl and let everyone grab one or two depending on how many chores you have.  We have included several blank cards so you can add to our list or create your own customized chores.

Write the name of the person who is doing the chore on the checklist, and let them check it off when their mission is accomplished.

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