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Kids Chores Habit Tracker

Oh, the chores. Doesn’t it seem like every child struggles to complete them in a timely manner without Mom getting frustrated? No more. Try out the Chores Habit Tracker today and make completing the chore list a fun game for the kids.

Check out our age appropriate chores and habit tracker ideas to get you started!

  • Go to bed with a clean bedroom floor
  • Make the bed
  • Tidy up the pet’s toys/food
  • Put away toys
  • Wipe off the bathroom counters
  • Brush your teeth AM
  • Brush your teeth PM
  • Put your shoes away
  • Get your backpack ready for tomorrow
  • Pack your lunch
  • Empty the trash
  • Sort my laundry
  • Put my clean laundry away
  • Help mom or dad with something
  • Water the plants

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