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Kids Sibling Love Habit Tracker

Sick of all the kids always bickering? Reward them for any peaceful days using the Sibling Love Habit Tracker.

Let us help you get started with 15 Sibling Love Habit Tracker ideas:

  • Share something
  • Tell them a joke
  • Let them pick the show
  • Pray for them
  • Tell them you’ve prayed for them
  • Don’t call them any names
  • Help your sibling get what they need to get out the door
  • Clear their place at the dinner table
  • Let your sibling have the seat you want
  • Give a big hug
  • Read a story together
  • No tattling (according to our home’s tattling rules)
  • Do one of your siblings’ chores
  • Tell your sibling something you like about him or her
  • Let your sibling have the last word

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