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Holiday Helper Cards

Great family memories are created around the dinner table on holidays and birthdays.  Usually, those memories come with a lot of extra work on your part.  Holiday Helper cards will give you the opportunity to teach your children how to serve the family.  The cards will also ensure that you have time to enjoy the celebration along with your family.

Choose the housework items you need done from the cards below.  Place them in a bowl and let everyone grab one or two depending on how many chores you have.  You can separate the jobs into before, during and after chores, and have each member of the family draw one chore from each group. We have included several blank cards so you can make your own chores. If you are the host for all of your extended family holidays, feel free to ask extended family to participate and choose a card.

Write the name of the person who’s doing the chore on the checklist; and then have them check it off when their mission is accomplished.

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