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Glowing Words Jar Cards

A friend of mine noticed a pattern with her children that she wanted to stop in its tracks – her son was starting to joke very unkindly with his sister. She could tell that while he thought his words were funny, her daughter felt hurt. She also knew that this kind of behavior could eventually lead to a serious case of sibling rivalry.

Most of our kids could use some encouragement to be kinder to each other. A great place to start that lesson is with our Glowing Words Jar Cards printable. This printable will help your children see that being nice to each other can be fun.

First, cut the slips of ideas from the Glowing Words Jar Cards printable and place them in a jar. The slips have ideas for kind words, kind actions, and conversation starters, all having to do with being nice to siblings. Then each night at bedtime, have your child draw out one slip. If it’s a conversation starter, discuss it then. If it’s a kind action or kind words slip, have your child complete it the next day.

When you’re children use this printable, explain to them that when we are kind to others, it lights them up on the inside and, in a way, makes them glow.

You can also make a Glowing Words Jar to hold your slips of paper. iMOM Director Susan Merrill shows you how to use glow-in-the-dark paint to make one here.

Mason Jar Firefly art courtesy of The Country Chic Cottage 

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