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Lunchbox Notes for Tweens & Teens

Our middle and high school kids might act tough, but they need our love now more than ever. They would probably be pretty mortified if we walked into the school cafeteria and planted a big smooch on them, but there is a discreet way to send our love. iMOM’s lunchbox notes for tweens and teens are small but mighty in the way they encourage, comfort, and bless our kids. 

In the eight hours they’re at school, our kids face more than academic challenges. In fact, for many kids, tests and projects are the easiest parts. Look at lunchbox notes as ways to whisper love and truth into their hearts right in the middle of the school day. These lunchbox notes for tweens and teens remind them they are valuable, beautiful, unique, and capable. At an age when they are becoming more independent, our kids might just realize that they never outgrow the warm feeling they get from Mom’s love.

So keep them in a secret (but handy) place, and after lunch is packed, grab your scissors and cut out the note that you think will bring a secret smile to your kid’s face. And because some tweens and teens are way too mature to bring a bagged lunch, you might need to get creative and slip a note into their wallet next to their lunch money, clip it to a notebook, or put one in the bag of clothes they packed for practice after school. Lunchbox notes for tweens and teens are just as effective when read before and after lunch!

Here’s a pro tip, when your son or daughter gets home from school, don’t ask if they got your note. Trust us—they’ll appreciate the thought, even if they don’t walk through the door gushing. We have so many more free lunchbox notes, including ones created specifically for boys or girls and holidays like Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

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