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Random Acts of Kindness for Dads

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A few years ago, on a normal evening in a normal week, we surprised my husband with Dad’s Night. It was a random idea we concocted because he’d been working really hard. Father’s Day was still a long way off, but why wait? As he walked in the door to our signs and decorations and squeals, he was genuinely delighted.

What better way to honor our hard-working husbands than through random acts of kindness? Your kids will love pulling off these special ways to show dad how much they love him. And what great ideas for dad and kids. Here are 6 of our favorite random acts of kindness for Dad:

Nerf Gun War:

This is just plain fun. Put a warning sign on the front door that reads “Warning: You are now entering the Nerf Zone” and leave a loaded Nerf gun for his counterattack. Dim the lights, let the kids hide behind the furniture and when dad walks in, it’s on! Chances are, the evening will dissolve into great laughter along with the day’s stress.

Welcome Home Signs:

Have your kids decorate a series of posters and spread them out along the road near the end of dad’s commute to welcome him home. (Variation: Text him pictures of you and the kids holding signs with a continuing message throughout the day.)

Restaurant Hospitality at Home:

The way to every man’s heart is through his stomach. Whether you bring home takeout or make his favorite dish at home, let the kids make a menu, take his order, wait on him and help clean up.

Tell Table Stories.

One evening, after dinner, have everyone in the family tell Dad why they love him or recall a special memory with him. (You can use our When I Was a Kid Conversation Starters for ideas!) Then ask Dad for a few of his own stories: his most embarrassing moment as a kid, his favorite class in school, a special vacation memory. What a great way to linger over conversation and honor dad!

Lunchbox Notes.

Have the kids make notes and cards to put into dad’s lunch. Mom, you can do this too! If he doesn’t take his lunch or he works from home, tuck a note into his wallet or laptop to surprise him later.

Car Wash.

You can do this one of two ways: Take his car to the car wash for a thorough clean and vacuum or wash and detail it at home. Either way, it will be the most fun if you can surprise him. Those coupons for car washes? I’ve found they rarely get redeemed.

What are some other ways to show Dad random acts of kindness?


What does Dad do that shows you how much he loves you?

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