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Role Swap Back to School Game

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Wouldn’t it be fun for your child to be the parent and get you ready for school? Fun, yes, but also, it will help your child think ahead about some things they might do each and every day to get ready for school. Back to school games are always fun. So, try out this back to school game today!

What you will need:

What you will do:

The night before, have your child select an outfit for you to wear tomorrow. Set the alarm clock for their wake-up time. Let them know that they are the parent and need to get you to school on time!

The morning of your switch day:

  • Have your child wake you up and instruct you on what to do to get ready. (Feel free to be grumpy!)
  • Let your child guide you through their school morning routine. (Feel free to struggle with any of these tasks. Perhaps you can’t find your shoes!)
  • Dress
  • Brush your hair
  • Brush your teeth
  • Make the bed
  • Put on your shoes
  • Have your child make and serve you breakfast. (Hopefully, you will like it!)
  • While you are eating, have your child pack your lunch and be sure to tell them not to forget an iMOM lunchbox note.
  • Let your child decide when it is time to go and remind you of what you need to bring to school. (Feel free to complain if you think you’re going to be ‘late.’)
  • Walk, ride or drive to school. If you live close to the school and can walk or ride a bike, let them lead; this will ensure that they know their way home.
  • Once you get to school, find the playground or a nice spot to play.
  • Visit the playground, or play with a kite, Frisbee or ball brought from home.
  • Eat your lunch with them (or snack if it is too early).
  • While picnicking, have your child tell you what they think the first day of school is going to be like or use our Back to School Talk to discuss going back to school.
  • Share with them how you felt about going back at their age.

Tell us! How did putting yourself in your kids’ shoes improve your understanding of why they act the way they do before school?


What area of getting ready for school in the morning do you struggle with the most?

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