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Solutions for Working Moms

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Having to go to work when your children are off from school can be tough.  Here are some ideas we hope will make it easier for you and your kids.

– If your daily schedule is flexible, see if you can arrive at work later, or leave earlier, so you can at least spend part of the day with your children.

– Instead of having your children spend extra time in daycare, try to arrange other alternatives.  Maybe they can go visit grandparents, other relatives, or attend day camps or learning centers. Check around – it might not be too late to enroll them in vacation Bible school programs, or rec center programs.

– See if you can hire someone to watch your children at home, even one day a week, instead of leaving them in day care — it will give them a chance to catch up on rest, do some ongoing art projects, or just be in their own rooms to play with their toys.

– If your children are older, and they’ll be left home alone all day, plan some out of the ordinary activities to make the day more interesting:

– Let them rearrange their room or hang new posters on the wall.

– Set up a scavenger hunt.

– Leave encouraging notes around the house.

– Leave behind their favorite meals or snacks.

– Have them “blog” about how they’ve spent their day.

– Give them extra chores so they’ll have a chance to earn money.

– Set limits on TV and computer time – give them a reading assignment instead.

– Give them a disposable camera to record their day.  Get the photos developed and have them put together a scrapbook.

– Have them design their own stationery or scrapbook.

– Check out a library book with kid-safe science projects they can try when you’re at work.

– Try to take off at least some of the days your children have off.  If you can’t, and your husband can, let him spend some time with the children.

– If there is no way for you to be away from work when your children are out of school, tell them that on your next day off, you will spend lots of time together. Then, stay true to your word and focus on them when the day comes.


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