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10 St. Patrick’s Day Riddles

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Catching a cunning leprechaun isn’t the only challenge fit for St. Patrick’s Day. If your kids like tricks and puzzles, our St. Patrick’s Day riddles will have them doing a jig! Use our riddles to give a lunchbox note a festive twist or to get your kids’ brains turning while you eat your dinner of corned beef and cabbage. You don’t have to be Irish to play along, but a little luck definitely wouldn’t hurt!

Telling St. Patrick’s Day riddles is a fun way to get everyone to think outside the box, so take turns reading and solving. But we want to warn you: Some of these are even harder than finding the end of the rainbow! Even parents might get stumped. The best part about these riddles? They’ll get the whole family laughing, talking, and maybe eye-rolling—in other words, they’ll bring you closer together and we think that’s even better than finding a pot of gold.

(Oh, and these are twice as much fun if you say them in an Irish accent!)

Q: What do you get when you cross poison ivy with a four-leaf clover?
A: A rash of good luck

Q: Which five-letter Irish name can be spelled with just two?

Q: What has eyes but can’t see?
A: A potato

Q: Where can you always find “gold,” but there’s no gold at all?
A: In the dictionary

Q: How many gold coins can a leprechaun throw in an empty pot?
A: One. After that, it’s no longer empty.

Q: When is an Irish potato not an Irish potato?
A: When it’s a french fry

Q: A green jacket covers my arms. Don’t ever steal my Lucky Charms. Who am I?
A: A leprechaun

Q: Violet, indigo, and blue. Red, yellow, orange, and green. At the end of this object, a pot of gold can be seen. What is it?
A: A rainbow

Q: Yellow and blue combined you’ll see; if you don’t want a pinch, be sure to wear me! What am I?
A: The color green

Q: I’m hidden, but I’m not buried. I hold treasure, but no gems. Leprechauns protect me, but I’m not Lucky Charms. What am I?
A: A pot of gold

Your turn! Try to stump us with your favorite St. Patrick’s Day riddle! And if you want more riddles, just click here.


Instead of a pot of gold, what else would you like to find at the end of a rainbow?

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