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Staycation Ideas for Your Summer

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My family needs staycation ideas because, like most people, I only get so much vacation time a year. (Who are these people who take four or more weeklong, out-of-town vacations every year?!) So this summer, we’ll be spending most of our break from school right here in town.

Thankfully, with a little creativity, I can come up with fun things we can do without leaving home. And the best part is they’re not expensive or complicated. See what you think of these 10 super staycation ideas.

Explore the outdoors.

1. Visit a nature center or wildlife rescue.

2. Camp out! You can do this at a campsite in your own area, or you can even have a campout in your backyard. Don’t want to head outside? Here are some ideas for indoor campouts!

Learn something new.

3. Sign up for a workshop or activity you can do as a family. Look into cooking lessons, golf lessons, or walking tours.

4. Visit a local art museum with your kids. Once they’ve seen the paintings, sculpture, photography, and other artwork, give them some drawing paper, some modeling clay, or a camera, and let them recreate their own favorites at home. Then create a gallery in your family room featuring their finished works of art.

Think outside the resort box.

5. Enlist the help of grandparents and other relatives. Let your children spend a few days away from home, and see if you can join them on the weekend.

6. If you have a beach, lake, or river nearby, check for bargains on rentals. Since it’s close to home, you might be able to get a good deal on a place to stay last minute.

7. Join a country club or community pool. Some clubs in smaller cities offer membership for as little as $50 a month. Consider it an investment in keeping your kids active this summer. Call around to see if you can find “summer only” specials.

8. Have an at-home spa day. It’s a bit of a splurge but it’s way cheaper than an out-of-town vacation. Turn your house into a spa and get in-home massages and mani-pedis. Even the boys in your family will love it and everyone will feel relaxed. Trust me.

Use your imagination.

9. Let your kids choose their dream destination and then go there—without leaving home. Decorate a room in the style of that country or city. Watch a movie shot on location. Eat the food of that locale. Try to learn a bit of the language.

10. Take the train. Many railway carriers offer short trips of an hour or two. Pack a lunch and enjoy the scenery with your kids.

And, even though you won’t be getting far away, sometimes just a change of scenery is all the boost you need.

What’s your best staycation idea?


What makes our hometown special?

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