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5 Fun & Frugal Things To Do Over a Long Weekend

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Any time there is a long weekend on the horizon, I wonder how to make the most of it. Sometimes my whole family just needs to relax, but other times, we’ve got an itch to be productive or play. So many times on a Saturday morning, I’ve Googled, “things to do on a long weekend” and have been disappointed that the only suggestions are weekend getaways. That’s not going to work if you’re short on money and don’t want to spend half your time traveling.

So what can you do with one extra day off? Here are 5 things to do on a long weekend that will get your bodies moving without costing an arm and a leg.

Rearrange a room (or two!).

I’m pretty sure one of the “stages of quarantine” was home renovation. I saw neighbors’ lawns being re-sodded, and new exterior paint jobs. Inside, we rearranged my bedroom furniture and I said, “Why hasn’t it been like this all along?” If you do the kids’ rooms, they will love having a new setup. Any time you move furniture, you end up having to do some tidying, so a long weekend gives you enough time to get the job done and still get in some relaxation.

Have a no-rules night.

A no-rules night is definitely one of those things to do on a long weekend. Sure, you can do it on a regular weekend, but you’ll be hurting on Sunday. And if you’re like me, you won’t fully recover from the lack of sleep until Tuesday. Check out All Pro Dad’s guide to a No Rules Night, kick it off on Saturday evening, and then enjoy the bonus recovery time. You’re going to need it!

Try out geocaching.

A few years ago when geocaching blew up, it was not on my radar. But now that I have two kids who love the idea of a real-life treasure hunt, it’s a great family activity. Geocaching is hiking for hidden “caches” you can track by their GPS coordinates. We did it for the first time and discovered there was a cache hidden right outside our neighborhood! All you need is transportation, a pen, and a smartphone.

Get weirdly local.

This is a twist on the whole “be a local tourist” idea that encourages people to do the things tourists do in their city. Maybe you’ve done “that thing,” but have you done the weirdest thing? Every city has a weird museum, landmark, or tourist trap. Pick a max traveling distance, do some research with the kids, and go embrace your city’s oddities.

Rent a pool.

OK, this one isn’t free, but it’s less expensive than staying at a hotel. If you don’t have a pool but want to get some sun, there are websites that allow you to book a local private pool by the hour. Swimply is one of them. I did a quick search and found options near me between $15 and $60 an hour. I’d have to get over the awkwardness of being at a stranger’s house, but a few minutes of floating on a raft in cool water would definitely help.

What are some fun other things to do on a long weekend?


“What’s the most fun we’ve had together as a family?”

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