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The 9 Biggest Mom Distractions

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It sounds hard to believe, but a mom can live with her child pretty much 24/7, and still not really “get” that child. So what does a mom need to do to really know her child? Ponder. A mom who ponders fits together the bits of news and clues about her child like puzzle pieces, so she can assemble a clear picture of what is going on in her child’s life. Instead, often times we end up easily distracted.

When we don’t take time to ponder, we miss the sometimes subtle clues to what our children are dealing with and feeling. So refuse to let anything prevent you from pondering, especially these 9 biggest mom distractions.

1. The phone

I chat with friends endlessly, especially in the car, when I could just ponder each of my children while I drive.

2. The computer

I shop online because I get way too many e-mails about great sales and research online because Google has the answer to all my questions. (Of course, Google was important when I was researching my daughter’s symptoms, but it is a distraction if I am Googling for hours without a commendable reason.)

3. Social media

I use Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest because it is so fun to celebrate and comment on my friends’ pictures and posts.

4. Volunteer over commitment

I want to “be there,” involved with every child and all their activities. But multiple children means multiple opportunities to volunteer, and it’s so hard to say no.

5. Competitive leisure sports

Participating in leagues that are ambitious can create pressure to spend more than the average amount of time playing.

6. Working out

Fitness demands that we exercise for hours each week but not hours each day. Hours spent exercising every day may be an indicator that we have become slaves to vanity.

7. Work

The bills must be paid, but sometimes we work more than we need to because we like it, it builds our sense of accomplishment, or we covet stuff and desire money to spend.

8. Shopping

We all want to look as best we can, but looking fashionable takes time and effort whether you are on a budget or not.

9. Socializing

Parties, clubs, Bunko, and bridge. Birthday lunches, work dinners, old friends and new. The socialite has a lot to keep up with and do.

Tell us! What is your biggest distraction?


What is one of your favorite leisure activities?

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