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The Best Marriage Advice from Newlyweds

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Newlyweds are usually the ones getting marriage advice, and for good reason – the longer we’re married, the more we realize the challenges that marriage brings and how to overcome them.  But there are some things un-newlyweds can learn from newlyweds, to remind them of the joys that can often fade as time passes by. Here is newlywed advice to get you started in your marriage!

1. Expectations.

Try not to crush your husband with unrealistic expectations.

2. Communication.

Communicate with him clearly because he won’t read your mind.

3. Sex.

Don’t listen to your friends when they tell you sex is overrated.

4. Have fun.

Don’t be too busy or uptight to dance in the rain or jump in the pool with your clothes on – or off!

5. Covenant.

Remember that marriage is about your holiness, not your happiness. There will be tough days, but the covenant you made will keep you pressing on.

6. Celebrate your anniversary EVERY month!

My husband and I go on a little date (even if it’s only to get donuts) on the 20th of each month.

7. Little things.

Don’t get so caught up into your family’s schedule and daily routines that you miss joy little things can bring to you every day.

8. Laugh.

Look for opportunities to laugh together.  Laugh at each other’s jokes!

9. Touch.

Not just in bed, but throughout the day.

10. Forgive.

Overlook the annoyances and habits you didn’t even notice when you were newlyweds.


Who do you turn to the most for advice? Why?

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