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The New Year’s Hello and Goodbye List for Moms

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As moms, the passage of time is both exciting and a little bittersweet, too. On one end of the time spectrum for moms, it’s thrilling to see our babies take their first steps, but on the other end of the spectrum, it is oh so sad when we drop off our child at college and return home to face his empty room.

And as the last hours of this year tick away, I want you to know that you have been a big part of my year. I’ve been encouraged by your comments on our site and I’ve been touched and humbled when you’ve asked us here at iMOM to share in your heartaches and pray for you and your families.

So as we wrap up the last day of the year, know that iMOM is here for you. I am here for you. Let’s say hello to the promise of the new year and goodbye to what’s better left behind.

  • Hello to accepting who we are as a mom, and good-bye to trying to be the kind of mom we’re not.
  • Hello to spending more time with our children, and good-bye to the hypnotizing pull of our phones.
  • Hello to dinners as a family, and good-bye to feeling guilty when dinner isn’t a home-cooked masterpiece.
  • Hello to a happier marriage, and good-bye to comparing our marriage.
  • Hello to being firm with our children, and good-bye to being harsh with them.
  • Hello to leaning on our friends, and good-bye to trying to go it alone.
  • Hello to praying more, and good-bye to worrying about things out of our control.
  • Hello to a fresh start and good-bye to the missteps of the past.

Happy New Year!

What are you going to say hello to in the new year?


What is one new thing you’d like to learn next year?

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