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The Truth About Life in Parenting

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A beloved veterinarian in our town just passed away at a young age from non-smoker’s lung cancer.  He ate a mostly organic diet.  He was a marathon runner, and he was a believer in acupuncture and alternative medicine.  But nothing he did saved him from the big truth about life – we will all die.  So what matters most, is how we live… not what we eat, how much we exercise, or how many books we read.  Same goes for our children.

As moms, we want the best for our children, so we go gluten-free, corn-syrup free, and TV-free.  We start them early on chapter books and intelligence building activities.  We put them in mini-triathlons and ban chocolate milk.  But, moms, in the end, that stuff really doesn’t matter much at all.

Rather than make those things the emphasis of our parenting, let’s try to get to the truth of life.  Here is The Truth About Life in Parenting.

1. Faith.

What do you want to teach your children about faith and God?  Decide and be intentional. If your faith is important to you, use it as the filter through which all of your parenting decisions are made.  Doing this will help you keep first things first.

2. Acceptance.

Once you realize that your children are not little versions of you or your husband, you free them to be who they are.  Acceptance will enable you to offer them love instead of pressure.

3. Being.

Life is not a contest.  While we want our children to reach their potential, it is okay to just let them be.  Every minute of every day does not have to be filled with improving them or moving them toward a goal.

4. Fitness.

Our world puts great emphasis on physical fitness – eating right, being the right weight, exercising – but a healthy, fit body is of far less importance than a healthy mind and a joyful heart.

5. The End.

Work today with the end in mind.  What kind of life do you want your children to lead?  Academic success, financial success, and physical success are worthless if your child is emotionally and spiritually poor.


What would you want to teach your children about how to have a good life?

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