Why Online Dating May Be the Single Mom’s Best Friend

dating as a single mom

A growing number of single adults are giving online dating a try, making it a more mainstream, acceptable way to find love and companionship. {Tweet This} However, you do need to go into the process with your eyes wide open and take some reasonable precautions. For those of you considering online dating as a single mom, here are some answers to questions you may have:

1. Who should do it?

In our opinion, any single adult who is emotionally ready to consider a romantic relationship might be a good candidate: young adults, single parents, and divorced adults. The major benefit of online matchmaking is the thorough survey used by the best sites (see our recommendations below) to pair up likely matches. Unlike traditional dating born out of casual social introductions, and which may be based on physical attraction alone, these more complex systems increase the likelihood that you’ll share more than a visual interest in one another.

2. What sites are okay?

Do your homework before signing up for an online profile. Read about the methods used by the site to generate “matches,” the degree to which your privacy is protected from any unwanted admirers, and the costs involved. There are more reputable options available than ever before, and we find the following sites to be generally trustworthy:

  • eHarmony.com: This company broke new ground and was “the first service within the online dating industry to use a scientific approach to matching highly compatible singles.” Founded by a clinical psychologist with 35 years experience in marriage and family counseling, eHarmony has been a standard on the U.S. dating scene for a decade.
  • ChristianMingle.com: Designed for those who wish to find new relationships with others who share their Christian faith, ChristianMingle gives like-minded singles a place to connect. The site seems to take a little bit of pressure off of the entire process by stressing the importance of meeting other Christian singles for friendship as well.

3. Cautions.

As with anything, there are a few caveats associated with finding love online:

  • Stick with the reputable, nationally known sites. If you simply Google “online dating” you’ll likely receive some results which will funnel you toward pornography and other undesirable sites.
  • Be careful with your personal information. Make sure any information shared with the company which could lead a person to your door is protected.
  • Be cautious with personal meetings. Take your time and learn as much about your potential date as possible, then choose to meet in a public place where you’ll be safe. If you’re still concerned, consider arranging a double date with trusted friends.
  • Realize that there are creeps everywhere. Even on a site designed for people of your faith, or people of a certain type, there will likely be a few duds hanging around. Carefully screen your matches, so that you can eliminate any total non-matches before you invest time or effort.

If you are ready to dip your toe back into the pool, here are some other tips to remember. And if your kids are wanting to date too, here’s a dating contract to discuss with them.

Do you have any online dating tips or experiences to share with other single moms currently dating?