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Words of Wisdom for Single Moms From A to Z

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March 21 is National Single Parents Day. While it may not be a day you ever thought you’d be celebrating, you should be celebrated. We see your hard work and all the new challenges you’ve pushed through. You are doing uniquely worthy work. Whether you’re a widow, divorced, or have never been married, your experience as a single mom has given you plenty of perspective and you probably already have words of wisdom to share. But if you’re in need of a word of encouragement, we have one for you—26 actually.

Here are words of wisdom for single moms from A to Z. We hope you find a few that give you new confidence, hope, and peace. Remember, you are doing a great job, your kids love you, and they are blessed to be loved by you.

A – Allow yourself to grieve and then embrace the life that is.

B – Build your family with love, trust, and values in everyday, ordinary moments.

C – Cheer for marriage in front of your kids through books, conversation, and your family history.

D – Develop interests and hobbies to keep singleness from becoming loneliness.

E – Encouraging others when you’re tempted to compare refreshes your own heart.

F – Friendship may change but it gives connection, comfort, and comic relief.

G – Grace for yourself and for others makes a healthy home.

H – Help isn’t a bad word! Let friends and family know what you need.

I – Identify what matters and let go of what doesn’t with this question: Will this matter in a month, a year, 10 years?

J – Joy anchors your family through struggle and difficulty.

K – Keep traditions that heal and make new traditions to help rebuild your family.

L – Lessen the stress of making decisions by seeking outside counsel from trusted confidants.

M – Make time for fun in your parenting! Here’s help with 20 fun family game night ideas.

N – “No” maintains good boundaries for you and your kids as you manage time and discipline.

O – Oversharing about money, an ex, or dating will overburden your children.

P – Prayer accomplishes what worry never will. imom chore chart

Q – Quit comparing life now to what used to be and celebrate the good around you.

R – Routine chores, meals, and bedtimes give your children safety and stability. Check out our free printable chore chart.

S – Self-care refills and refuels you to pour back into your family.

T – Thankfulness helps you see the good in every day and every circumstance.

U – Use adversity to help your kids develop resilience and compassion.

V – Values, on which most of your parenting is based, don’t change when we become single.

W – Write a new vision statement for your family.

X – eXchange lies and stereotypes for the truth of your parenting.

Y – Your attitude sets your home’s atmosphere and affects your children far more than difficulty.

Z – Zero tolerance for guilt helps you make room for more hope and happiness.

What words of wisdom for single moms do you most need right now?


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