99 Things You Might be Thankful for about Your Husband


thankful for my husband

The blur of family life and all of its responsibilities can often make it difficult for us to see the good in our husbands. And since I love my husband so much and do realize that he is a great guy, I try to remember that even when he’s driving me crazy and I’m driving him crazy, there is still so much for me to be thankful for my husband- this kind and hard-working man I married.

So on those days (and nights!) when you might not feel warm and fuzzy toward your husband, try to find at least a few reasons to be appreciative of him. And when you’ve run out of reasons, look at our list of 99 things you might be thankful for about your husband.

  1. He works hard.
  2. He has a job.
  3. He’s trying hard to find a job.
  4. He’s a human jungle gym for the kids.
  5. He wants the best for our kids.
  6. He helps with the kids at bedtime.
  7. He’s passionate about our family.
  8. He’s a good leader.
  9. He’s not a whiner.
  10. I can trust his judgment.
  11. He does the right thing, even when he doesn’t want to.
  12. He tries to please me.
  13. He’s organized.
  14. He’s inventive.
  15. He loves to get his hands dirty.
  16. He’s adventurous.
  17. He’s dependable.
  18. He takes command.
  19. He can still sweet talk me.
  20. He’s a saver.
  21. He’s a spender.
  22. He rarely buys things for himself.
  23. He’s disciplined.
  24. He doesn’t swear.
  25. He doesn’t swear that much.
  26. He doesn’t swear in front of the children.
  27. He can fix anything.
  28. He knows when to call a repairman.
  29. He stays calm in hairy situations.
  30. He volunteers to change diapers.
  31. He can change a diaper.
  32. He’ll buy the diapers.
  33. He marvels at our children.
  34. He asks my opinion.
  35. He’s committed to our marriage.
  36. He’s realistic.
  37. He surprises me with flowers and gifts.
  38. He compliments me.
  39. He’s a good guy.
  40. He’s consistent.
  41. He helps clear the table.
  42. He thanks me at the end of most meals.
  43. He has simple tastes.
  44. I’m still attracted to him.
  45. He has a sweet smile.
  46. He doesn’t make excuses.
  47. He knows me.
  48. He chose me.
  49. He’s a great bug killer!
  50. He’ll help with laundry.
  51. He touches me in all the right ways and in all the right places.
  52. He still wants to be physical with me.
  53. He loves me as I grow older.
  54. He wants to be a good man.
  55. He values my job as a wife and mother.
  56. He is encouraging to our kids.
  57. He reads to our children.
  58. He’s silly for our children.
  59. His eyes don’t stray.
  60. He doesn’t step out on me.
  61. He doesn’t drink too much.
  62. He doesn’t do drugs.
  63. He gets what’s important in life.
  64. He would do anything to keep me smiling.
  65. He would lay down his life for us.
  66. His arms are protective.
  67. He keeps our cars spotless.
  68. He pursues a relationship with God.
  69. Things seem to roll off his back.
  70. He tries to put up with my PMS.
  71. He’d rather be with me and the kids than anywhere else.
  72. He’s a trusted friend.
  73. He’d give a stranger the shirt off his back.
  74. He’s honest.
  75. He’s not a showoff.
  76. He’s not scatterbrained.
  77. He’s always prepared.
  78. He’s a great provider.
  79. I know we’ll never go hungry.
  80. He’s creative.
  81. He calls if he’s running late.
  82. He’s always on time.
  83. He’s happy to work behind the scenes.
  84. He makes me laugh.
  85. He has a good heart.
  86. He is honorable.
  87. He takes out the garbage.
  88. He finds the fun in life.
  89. When he makes decisions, he considers the needs of our family first.
  90. He’s irresistible.
  91. He’s kind.
  92. He is willing to watch romantic movies with me.
  93. He cracks up at TV commercials.
  94. He’s respected at work.
  95. He’s a good employee.
  96. He’s a good boss.
  97. He’s a man of his word.
  98. He desires to be the best husband and father he can be.
  99. He’s a good companion.

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Tell Us! What are you most thankful for about your husband?


  • Katrina

    I love it but so many that I can’t use since we are a childless couple. I run into this problem a lot with lists and ideas like this. 🙁 But that’s nobody’s fault!

    • RJ

      I wished my wife could just once tell me she was thankful for me. I have a good job, work hard, moved her to a warmer climate to be happy (even though I love cold and Rocky Mountains), help with the kids, compliment her, tried to be a good husband when she wouldnt even talk to me hardly for a year and a half, pursue a relationship with God and try to make Him the center of our family. The list goes on and on. And I can’t even hold her hand, sit and cuddle to watch a movie, or have any long discussion with her. I was hoping for more in marriage, but I thank God for still being married and for having 2 parwnta to raise our kids in an unbroken home. And I love my wife.

      • rhw

        Wow, RJ. You just opened my eyes. Thanks. I hope your wife will see it too. This is what my husband has been wanting from me…..

  • Cuthbert Caleb

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  • oh please

    #6 – a husband doesn’t “help” with the kids. he’s not a “helper” he’s a parent and his kids are his responsibility. You will never hear a man say, “I really appreciate that my wife helps me with the kids at bedtime”.

    • Begging wont help

      Maybe he does other things with/for the kids like sports and other extracurricular activities and she does the bedtime routine. Get over it or write your own article.

    • zeke199

      I strongly suggest you revisit your thoughts on this….
      Role divisions are necessary in any marriage & parenting. Define them & serve your family as unto God. This will help your perspective become more thankful regarding your husband’s involvement, and will lead you to pray as the Spirit would lead you, to improve upon things every day.

    • Mish Jelly

      if u think this way, you’ll never be grateful for anything your husband does and you’ll never see the good in him. of course it’s his responsibility but there are tons of other guys who doesn’t do any of their responsibilities towards their family. and there are tons of challenges to keep your husband from doing his responsibilities but if he still does regardless, you should be grateful. thoughts like yours can ruin the marriage. just appreciate what your man does. he will do more for you

  • ash

    RJ, I feel for you, my story is a little different but here goes, after being married for 32 yrs to a stay at home wife and the father of 3 I worked hard was the boss came home cooked dinner most nights then coached the boys in baseball and we found time for date night twice a month , we cuddled held hands laughed had very good times then one day I was injured at work, can no longer work well she was scared and started pulling away, I knew we were in trouble, I tried to make things work best I could but she pulled away, well she went out one night and came home only to say that since I could not support her into our old age it was time she moved on, she had found a new man that could, hell she even left her mom for me to care for, her mother passed a year later, well I dusted off and wished her and her boyfriend luck, I’m just wanting to say don’t wait find a therapist and get get to the bottom, maybe she’s depressed and needs a helping hand to get to the swing of things again, wish I had acted sooner , best of luck to you both and long and happy marriage .

    • Mish Jelly

      you’re such a good man

  • RealTruth

    Well for the people that are married with a family have so much to be thankful for since many of us are Not.

  • Manly Man

    I almost made it half through reading the list, but then the tears came. I do not consider myself a sensitive or needy man, but I realized the need for men to be appreciated as well. There are some decent men out there. I fell in love with my wife, and still am. I am in love with her children, so much that when she left me 4 years ago, I have continued to raise them alone. I am in no way complaining. As an adult, I am well aware of decisions and results/consequences of the ones made. I am simply saying how much I appreciated reading this list. Thank you!

  • Awing Reneros Akmad

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  • Kimberly Kay Girdwood

    Pretty cool. My husband does or is all except #67! Not bad honeybunch! I knew I married an awesome guy! He just told me to clean my own car! Haha