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20 Parent-Teacher Conference Questions

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Why is it that you can think of 100 questions for your child’s teacher on any given day of the week, but when you get face-to-face, good parent-teacher conference questions escape you and the only thing you can utter is, “How’s she doing in class?” It’s like finally getting to the front of the line to see Santa, forgetting what you want, and just asking for socks.

No matter how old your kids are, a parent-teacher conference can be productive and insightful if you go in with the right questions or discussion points. We’ve done the homework for you and have a list of the right things to discuss at each grade level.

Parent-Teacher Conference Questions for Kindergarten through Second Gradegood manners chart

1. Is my child responsible? Is my child respectful? Does my child use manners?* If you need help with manners, this free manners printable is a cute way to keep good manners front and center.

2. How can I help support the class?*

3. Are there behaviors you’re seeing at school that you think I might not be seeing at home?

4. What can we do at home to learn through play while staying on track with what you’re teaching?

5. What should I want my child to walk away with come the end of this school year?

Parent-Teacher Conference Questions for Third through Fifth Grade

6. What can I do to help my child in reading and math?

7. What areas are my child’s strengths/weaknesses?*

8. What skills are most important to master at my child’s current level that can be worked on at home?worksheet parent-teacher conference questions

9. Are there any specific websites or resources we can use at home to boost those skills?*

10. What can we do when we get stuck on homework?

11. What else can I do with my child besides having him/her read every night to help grow his/her vocabulary and fluency?

12. How can I help establish responsibility in my child?*

13. How does he/she seem to be getting along with the other students?

14. Here’s something that’s going on at home that might be affecting his or her behavior (grandpa passed away, a sibling is sick, divorce, etc.).*

Parent-Teacher Conference Questions for Middle School and High School

Note: Several high school teachers recommend that the students are present for conferences to get their perspective and insight into how they are doing!

15. Are there any resources you can recommend to help prep for standardized tests like the ACT or SAT?

16. How can we work as partners to make this a successful year for my child?*

17. What’s the best way to communicate with you? (Each teacher might have a preferred method.)

18. What has the biggest impact on my child’s grade in this class?

19. How can I best keep up with dates for assignments, quizzes, tests, etc.?*

20. As we prepare for college, what areas of potential growth do you see in my child?

* This question works for any grade level.

What parent-teacher conference questions would you add to this list?


What’s one thing you would change about the way your teacher teaches?

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