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5 Benefits of Homeschooling You Wouldn’t Expect

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I never thought I’d homeschool my kids. My husband is the one with the elementary education degree, not me. When my oldest son was three and my mother-in-law watched as I worked with him on letter sounds, she asked me if I planned to homeschool. I knew some of the benefits of homeschooling, but I still laughed and told her no.

Fast forward several years and I find myself starting my sixth year of homeschooling my kiddos. I’m doing something I never thought I’d be doing. There are a lot of preconceived notions about it, many of which ran through my head before becoming a homeschool mom. But homeschooling might not be what you think it is. Here are 5 things you might not realize about homeschooling.

1. Families homeschool for reasons other than faith.

The ability to incorporate faith lessons into your child’s school day is definitely one of the most alluring benefits of homeschooling. I know many families who homeschool for other religious reasons, but there are plenty who have made the choice for reasons unrelated to faith. A few families I’ve met have one or both parents in the music or professional sports industries. They decided to homeschool so the entire family could stay together instead of spending months apart.

I also know a few families who have made a lifestyle out of traveling homeschooling. They make traveling the main point of their education. And there are still other families who simply don’t like the set-up of a typical school environment, so they created their own unique environment for their kids.

2. Homeschoolers aren’t all weird.

There are some odd folks out there who homeschool. But there are some weird people who choose public or private schools as well. I guess it depends on what you see as “odd,” doesn’t it? Homeschooling doesn’t mean instant initiation into The Weird Club. With the increase in popularity of homeschooling, I would venture to say that most people are friends with at least one (but I bet even more than one!) family that homeschools. With so many reasons behind why people choose to homeschool their children, it’s becoming less of a “weird” option and more of an equal alternative to other education options.

3. It provides as much socialization as (if not more than) a typical school environment.

This is one of the most unexpected benefits of homeschooling. A lot of people think homeschooled kids only see their siblings, but co-ops make socialization part of the curriculum. A third-grader in our nearby school interacts with 20 other third graders and one teacher. However, as a homeschooler, my third-grader interacts with people of all ages—his social circle isn’t limited to just nine-year-olds. Plus, he can get his work done in half the time of a typical public schooler. This gives us more opportunities to go socialize at the park, go to the library, have midday sports practice, and take field trips.

4. Homeschooling can bring back family dinner time.

I’m fiercely protective of our family dinner time—I guard it as much as possible. Because I homeschool and my kids get their school work done during the day, they aren’t loaded down with homework every night. Thanks to homeschooling, we’re able to do many activities during the day instead of interrupting dinner time for a music lesson, sports practice, or drama club. One of the benefits of homeschooling that makes my heart the happiest is that my kids get more time with Dad after work and around the dinner table. That’s something worth cheering about!

5. It can actually help your kids get along better.

Homeschooling gives families plenty of time together, which creates opportunities to learn cooperation and conflict resolution.{TWEET THIS} Lucky us! And because my kids aren’t always fighting for my attention or rushing from one activity to the next, they can actually enjoy being kids together. It isn’t always rosy and peaceful in our home, but spending so much time together has forced our kids to learn how to get along.

If you homeschool, what are some unexpected benefits you’ve experienced?


How can we make more time to spend together as a family?

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