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5 Better Role Models for Your Kids

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Kids seem to naturally seek out the famous and talented to cheer for and view as role models. All too often, however, those stars behave in ways that don’t match our values. In this day and age, good role models for our children are hard to find. But there are still a few “good guys” out there! We offer these suggestions with some degree of hesitancy, because none of us here at iMOM has a crystal ball to tell us how these celebrities will behave in the future. But if your kids are looking for stars to follow, these celebs have a track record of exhibiting the kind of solid character you can approve of.

1. Missy Franklin

This fresh-faced swimmer from Colorado had her coming-out party at the 2012 London Olympics. Earning four gold medals rocketed her to elite status in the swimming world and caused many to assume that she would turn pro and rake in the cash. But what did Missy do? She walked away from the prizes and endorsements to continue swimming for her high school team and has chosen to remain an amateur so that she could compete in college. She’s positive, humble, and optimistic.

2. Tim Tebow

Since his college days at the University of Florida, Tebow has been open about his faith and the values he lives by, often drawing the criticism and cynicism of others in the process. Post-college and in the pros, pundits predicted that he would fall victim to all the usual temptations that come with fame, money, and constant female attention. Interestingly, Tebow seems true to his word, and still speaks frequently to faith-based audiences about character and perseverance.

3. Bono

As the front man for the band U2, Bono is a certified rock star. But he has broken the mold for rock star behavior by investing great amounts of money and time into philanthropic work around the world, and avoiding embarrassing personal behavior.

4. Bethany Hamilton

Few of us can even imagine enduring the loss of a limb in a shark attack, let alone returning to the water to continue a championship surfing career. But Hawaiian teenager Bethany Hamilton did just that! Now a young adult, Bethany carries her message of overcoming adversity through faith and perseverance around the world. Check out the movie Soul Surfer on your next family movie night.

5. Sadie Robertson

The daughter of Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson has a lot that draws tween and teen girls in—a sweet disposition, an adorable smile, and a great sense of style. She’s using her family’s fame to encourage other young women to grow in their faith and to have the courage to be different than the world.

Is there someone else you hope your kids will look up to?

Dana Hall McCain writes about marriage, parenting, faith and wellness. She is a mom of two, and has been married to a wonderful guy for over 18 years.


What makes you look up to a person or want to be like them?

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