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5 Lies the Exhausted Mom Believes

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You’ve heard of the strong-willed child? Yeah, that was me. My mom says my pediatrician assured her my strength would be good for me when I got older and became a mom myself. Well, the doctor wasn’t entirely right. Yes, I’m an independent, determined, and driven mom. But I’m also a completely exhausted mom.

You know what led to my exhaustion? Lies. I’ve fallen for five lies in particular and I’d be willing to bet that at some point you’ve believed them, too. So if you’re tired and not sure why (because you’re doing everything right!), check these 5 lies.

You’re an exhausted mom because you believe…

…you have to run on all cylinders all the time.

The truth is you don’t have to accept every invitation or advance to the next level of your kids’ sports team. You don’t have to say “yes” to every request for your help. There is great benefit in slowing down and simply being together as a family.

…your kids need your undivided attention.

You’re not responsible for constantly entertaining or training your children. Yes—put down your phone and give them your attention sometimes. But it’s also good for them to be bored. Don’t feel guilty about resting, working on a project of your own, or catching up with a friend.

…you have to make them a square meal every night.

There are definitely benefits to making a well-balanced meal for your family and sitting down together at the table, but it’s OK to take a break from cooking. Try a “fend for yourselves night,” and allow your older kids to prepare their meal. If you have little ones, you can have a “silly dinner” and pour cereal, pop in a frozen waffle, or offer them a granola bar. It might not be a square meal, but it will be memorable!

…you have to protect them from everything.

If you want your children to be resilient adults, they need to experience the consequences of their actions and that means letting them fall. If you’re an exhausted mom, it might be because you never let your guard down or take your eyes off of your kids. It’s emotionally draining to worry constantly that they might take a wrong step. So trust that you’re preparing your children and when they stumble, they’ll be capable of getting back up.

…you’re not doing enough.

God gave you your particular child on purpose. You were meant for each other. You are equipped with everything you need to care for, love, and train him or her. Your child doesn’t need all the toys, technology, activities, opportunities, or experiences. Your children need YOU. You are more than enough. Find rest in that.

What lies have you believed that have led you to be an exhausted mom?


What’s your favorite way to relax when you’re tired?

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