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5 Myths About Raising Girls

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Everything was pink. The walls, the bedding, the curtains… This was our first girl and I dove right into all the ruffles and dresses. People told me one of the most popular myths about raising girls—parenting a girl would be easier than parenting boys. I was expecting a totally different experience this time around.

But my daughter is just as rambunctious as her brothers! She enjoys jumping off high places, pretending to be a monster, and is most definitely louder than her older brothers with that high-pitched scream. I’m sure much of her disposition comes from trying to keep up with the boys, but what I have seen is a fierce leader. Girl moms, we could miss seeing some of our daughters’ strengths if we try to tame their wild hearts. These 5 common myths about raising girls have gone on long enough—it’s time the world hears the truth.

Myth 1: Girls aren’t aggressive.

There’s a rule for our daughter that her nails must be kept short. When she gets frustrated, she uses those claws to get her point across to her brothers. When girls get frustrated, they’re just as susceptible to aggression. We all have a threshold for frustration and when we hit it, we lash out. Often, the difference between girls’ aggression and boys’ is the battle they choose to fight.

Myth 2: Girls aren’t as gross.

I don’t want to sell my daughter out totally, but she proves this myth about raising girls completely wrong. She is enamored by any sort of toilet humor, she knows how to make a mess, and sometimes has the worst table manners. Girls have the reputation of being like little princesses, so they’re often expected to act like it. But the truth is, some girls just can’t help but belly laugh at the sound of a fart. And if that’s your daughter, she’s no less of a girl for it.

Myth 3: Girls are emotional.

It’s true that girls actually show a bit more empathy, but not all girls are expressive with their emotions. Sometimes they want to process through feelings alone or ignore them entirely, so your daughter might need help expressing herself. Both boys and girls can benefit from learning how to handle emotions in healthy ways.

Myth 4: Girls are smarter.

While girls statistically do better in school than boys, that doesn’t necessarily make them smarter. Experts agree that there are other factors at play. It could be that teaching is tailored in a way that appeals more to girls, or it could be that they receive more help. But what if your daughter learns differently? What if she needs more hands-on lessons? Then she might struggle in a traditional classroom.

Myth 5: Girls are more talkative.

Girls have the reputation for using more words in a day than boys do. But this myth about raising girls has been debunked by a study that followed males and females and counted the words they used in a day. Both males and females used around 16,000 words a day! As far as the topic of conversation, that’s still up in the air.

What has surprised you most about raising girls?


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