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7 Ways to Make a Bad Day Better

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Have you ever had a case of the whuhdoyouwannado’s? For me, it typically happens with my husband. We go back and forth asking, with low energy, “What do you wanna do?” “I dunno. What do you wanna do?” While it’s frustrating, it’s not as bad as having the whuhdoyouwannado’s by yourself.

It’s not depression, but a lack of inspiration. It’s feeling “meh” even when you have a household to run and a job to report to. The trick to getting out of a slump like this isn’t to make sweeping changes. The trick is simpler than that. So here are 7 simple ways to make the day better next time you catch a solo case of the whuhdoyouwannado’s.

1. Start out differently.

Promise yourself to wait at least 10 minutes after you wake up to check email or socials. Then decide what you’re going to do instead. Stand in the shower a little longer, pray, write in a journal, take care of your skin, talk to your husband.

2. Use your senses.

Make an effort to use all of your senses intentionally. Light a scented candle, look at your kids with wonder, hold your husband’s hand, add new spices to old recipes, and listen to music that brings you peace.

3. Speak words of kindness to your family.

The first time you see your kids and your husband in the morning and after school or work, use kind words. They set the tone for the rest of your time together. And speaking kind words will make them smile which is a great strategy for getting out of a slump.

4. Speak words of kindness to yourself.

When you look in the mirror first thing in the morning, what do you say? Would you say it to someone else? You deserve to hear kind words, especially from within.

5. Say “thank you” out loud.

Think about what it would be like if every time you felt gratitude, you said it out loud. You’d be known as the friendliest person in town! Try to speak gratitude one unexpected time each day. If you’re feeling grateful for a moment of rest or a cool breeze, thank God out loud.

6. Ask yourself, “Is this mine to do?”

Moms often overlook beauty and joy because we are just too busy. And we’re too busy because we’re often doing and worrying and controlling things that are not ours to do, worry, or control. When you’re tempted to take something on, ask if it’s yours to do. If the answer is no, leave it alone and save your yes for something more important.

7. Have a good laugh.

I know—you can’t schedule funny. But find that Instagram account that cracks you up or call a friend who is good at making you smile. Even better idea: Laugh at your own goofs. When we take ourselves less seriously, our spirits lift and the hard stuff doesn’t seem as heavy.

What’s your trick for getting out of a slump? 


When you’re bummed, what makes you feel better?

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