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9 Ways to Help Your Child Do Better in School

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There is no magic formula for getting our children to do better in school. In fact, some children are just highly self-motivated, while others are not.

Helping your child do better in school doesn’t require a lot of complicated plans or fancy teaching tools. But by making these basic things an intentional part of everyday life, you can boost your child’s chances of success!

1. Monitor Homework.

2. Make Attending School a Priority.

By avoiding an overload of extra activities and making sure the kids are well-rested, you can help them avoid absences and get the most out of every day in the classroom.

3. Reward Academic Efforts.

Celebrate all aspects of school to elevate it to the highest level of importance in your home.  Praise good grades and good efforts.

4. Talk Up the Idea of Going to College.

Treat it like a given that your child will go onto college after high school. If you don’t think your child is college material, be prepared to offer other plans for post-high school: military service, tech school, apprenticeships.

5. Discuss Books, Films, TV Programs and Current Events.

This type of conversation engages you with your child and broadens their world.

6. Discuss How Well Children are Doing at School.

Make it a point to talk about your children’s schoolwork and school activities both with them and their teachers. Stay in the loop!

7. Talk About Your Day And Your Work.

This further brings your child into your world and strengthens the bond you share through conversation. If you work outside the home, it will give your child a vision for future opportunities.

8. Eat Meals Together as a Family.

9. Spend Time Just Talking.

This is all about just focusing on your children to talk.

What steps have you taken to help your child improve in their academics?  


What is your favorite part of going to school?

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