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Turn Father’s Day Into Dad Appreciation Day

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When I married my husband, I thought he was a cerebral guy with a great sense of humor. Little did I know, he could repair baseboards, paint portraits, and fix broken sprinkler heads. Last year, as I started noticing the evidence of his time and talents around our house, I had a great idea for a Father’s Day gift—but I didn’t follow through! This year will be different. I’m using my idea to turn Father’s Day into a Dad Appreciation Day.

The usual gifts for dads are great, but this year, let Dad know you and the kids notice all he does. Here’s how you can honor your husband with your very own Dad Appreciation Day.

What a Picture’s Really Worth

Look around your house, your yard, your garage. What has your husband done for your family? That’s what got me thinking of Dad Appreciation Day. I decided to take a photo of everything my husband has done for us over the years. You can do that for your husband, too. Let the photos show him that you and your kids notice all his efforts. Let your kids take the photos, or better yet have your kids in the photos, too. Here are some ideas of what and where to snap.


My husband fixed the baseboards in our hallway. Snap! He had a locksmith re-key our doors so one key works on all of them. Snap! He painted our daughter’s room. Snap! Even if your husband can’t fix a leaky pipe or pinpoint the source of an electrical problem, he’s probably done some pretty handy things that have saved your family money and stress.

The Great Outdoors

He pressure washes the driveway and trims the hedges. He coils up the hose when he finishes using it! Excellent Dad Appreciation Day material! These outdoor photos are a great chance for the kids to pose and get silly. You’d think mine were Bear Grylls.

Sports Guy

I’ll take a photo of my son’s baseball glove, to represent all the practices and games to which my husband has driven my son. A picture of my son holding his trophies honors the man who’s cheered at every event.

Chef, Artist, Worker

Next, we’ll move to the kitchen for a photo of the ingredients my husband uses to make his famous crepes. I’ll take pictures of the paintings he did of our children, and I’ll even take a picture of his work clothes in the washer to show that we know how much he puts into his job.


The last photo I’ll include will be one of my children and me. So much of the good a dad does is unseen but exists in the hearts of his wife and kids.

Dad appreciation day

Put it all together…

When you’ve got all your photos, print them out. They don’t have to be real photo prints and they don’t even have to be in color. Have your kids write captions thanking their dad for what’s shown in the photos. Staple the pages together or glue them into a notebook. You can even use our free Father’s Day Cards for your cover. Present them to Dad with lots of hugs and thanks on his big day. Happy Dad Appreciation Day!

What else could you include in the book?


What are three things that make Dad really special?

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