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Valentine’s Day Ideas

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Love is a big deal in families and it becomes an even bigger deal on Valentine’s Day. It’s 24 whole hours when no amount of pink and red is too much, no conversation heart goes unread, and no level of romance is too cheesy. Most Valentine’s Day ideas are for couples, but kids want in on the love too—and not just at school, exchanging tiny cards and lollipops. Valentine’s Day is a sweet way to remind your kids how much they are loved and then carry it on throughout the year.

These Valentine’s Day ideas celebrate love in so many creative ways! There are special things for couples to do, ways for kids to learn about Mom and Dad’s love, and of course, activities that give you an excuse to eat just one more piece of candy. And if you’re in a pinch, we even have Valentine’s Day cards you can print at the last minute. So enjoy and remember that you are loved!

Fun & GamesValentine's day ideas

If you’re staying in for the night and want to make Valentine’s memories with the kids, try our Family Game Show printable. It’s like the Newlywed Game with a Valentine’s Day twist!

More fun awaits!

sweetheart coupons valentine's day ideasCouples Only

Today is your day. Let love shine and go over the top with our printable Sweetheart Coupons. They are perfect on their own, but pair them with a steak dinner and a bottle of wine and you’ve officially got a romantic evening on your hands.

Turn the romance up a notch!

Love for the Whole Familycountdown to love printable

Your kids will count the ways you love them with this Countdown to Love printable. By the time Valentine’s Day arrives, they’ll be bursting with love.

  • Get the whole family involved in your love story. Have the kids take the Mom and Dad Love Story Quiz. Just a warning: Your kids’ version might be more funny than romantic!
  • Slide this I Love My Mom Because printable to your husband for a quick way for the kids to show their love.
  • And find out what the kids think of all things LOVE with our Valentine’s Day Talk printable conversation starters.

Cutest Valentine Printables Ever

Did you forget to pick up cards for your kids to hand out at school? No worries! Your kids will spread the love in the most unique way with these free printable Class Valentine Cards.

More Valentine’s Day IdeasValentine's day ideas Scavenger Hunt

Not sure how to make Valentine’s Day special? Try iMOM’s Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt for Kids that leads to a special gift or a big hug and kiss from Mom.

We could always use more ways to say “I love you.” What are your favorite Valentine’s Day ideas?


How do you show others you love them?

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