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Helping Your Child Find Alternatives to Fortnite

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Is your son obsessed with Fortnite? I say “obsessed” because it seems like no one is just slightly interested in this game. Once people start playing, they’re hooked. Naturally, I compare this obsession to the video game trends when I was a kid. Most every kid either had a Nintendo or went to a friend’s house to play games like Super Mario Brothers, Madden NFL, or Duck Hunt. Still, something feels different.

We found ourselves in a tough spot recently when our 10-year-old son entered the Fortnite world. After about a week of playing, we decided we were done with it. We needed alternatives to Fortnite. Here’s the reason why, plus 4 great games we found to replace it.

Why We Had to Say Goodbye

Fortnite was the biggest topic of conversation among his friends. While he wanted so badly to be included, I couldn’t get comfortable with Fortnite’s Hunger Games nature. As parents, we have to think longterm, and being part of a video game trend isn’t worth the risk of desensitizing our kids to the idea of shooting people. I watched injured avatars reaching out with cries for help, only to be shot again and “eliminated.” I heard the boys talking about sniping people and shooting them in the heads. Beyond that, the PEGI rating is 12+ (and 13+ on Common Sense Media).

But many people love the teamwork and strategy aspects of Fortnite. It’s a cross-play game, which means lots of boys can play it together on multiple gaming systems from their own homes. So we started looking for other strategic cross-play games that didn’t involve shooting people. Here they are:

1. Rocket League: Ultimate Edition

Cost: $24 on Amazon
Rating: 8+ CSM (Common Sense Media), 5 stars

This one is my son’s new favorite, and considering the rating and cost, it’s my favorite too! This game combines customizable race cars and soccer. With its colorful explosions and excellent graphics, it has the feel of a “teen” game without the questionable content.

2. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Cost: $50 on Amazon
Rating: 7+ CSM, 4 stars

This updated version of MarioKart is classic, wholesome fun! Race against your friends with your choice of 42 different Mario characters and 48 different courses! There are tons of new options and variables in this deluxe version.

3. Runbow: Deluxe Edition

Cost: $22 on Amazon
Rating: 9+ CSM, 4 stars

Runbow is a unique game. You run, bump, and jump through obstacles with your friends, trying to beat the clock, while the background is constantly shifting colors. As the colors shift, so do the platforms and hurdles, so you have to pay close attention! It’s a wacky, fast-paced game.

4. Minecraft

Cost: $30 on Amazon
Rating: 8+ CSM, 4 stars

Minecraft has been around for a while, but due to its creative nature, no two games are the same. Friends can team up to build amazing structures, fight the occasional zombie, tame animals, find food, and explore their world in order to survive.

Getting other parents on board

You can have 20 great alternatives to Fortnite, but if the other kids don’t have them too, your son is going to be playing by himself. So either your son needs to tell the other kids about the new game, or you have to be brave and talk to the parents. You can do this without starting a debate about the Fortnite world! Just present it as a great, age-appropriate option for the boys to play together. What parent can argue with that?

What other alternatives to Fortnite have you found?


“What are the good and bad things about Fortnite?”

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