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How to Keep First Things First in Your Family

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The pace of life can make every day seem like a blur of going here, going there, and trying to get a million things done in the time you do have. Add a mom’s daily to-do list to that pace and you can easily forget to keep first things first.

That’s why moms need to really think about what’s most important to their family. Once we’ve done that—and I’m speaking to myself too, here!—we can make an effort to shape our lives around those most important things.

So here are five steps to figure out how to keep first things first in your family’s life.

Determine What’s Important.

If you’re married, do this step with your husband. Find some time when you can sit and talk about the hopes and dreams you have for your family, then both agree on what’s most important.

Write It Down.

Actually write out what you’ve decided are the most important things in your family’s life. You can even write them on a chalkboard and hang them in your kitchen for your children to see too.

Talk to Your Kids.

If your children are old enough, share your list with them. If they weren’t already clear on where you and your husband stood on priorities for your family, share that information with them now.

Come up with a Plan.

Now that you’ve identified what’s most important, figure out how to build your family life around that. In our family, we do our best to put God first. Since prayer is an important part of our relationship with God, we pray as a family before bed. Now that our children know the routine, it’s become part of our family life. Put routines in place to support your priorities.

Assess as You Go.

Every so often, examine your life and see if you are keeping first things first. If you’re not, determine what you need to change or do away with.

So give it a try! Even in the most hectic of days, you’ll be able to focus on what really matters.

How do you keep first things first in your family?


What’s the most important thing in your life?

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