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Kids Prayers: Printables to Teach Your Kids How to Pray and Praise

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Does it seem like your kids never run out of words? Stories seem to go on forever. Everything their eyes see gets announced to anyone who will listen. And wow, all the questions! Their little voices are sweet to our ears, but God delights in them even more. He wants to hear from them and share His love for them through conversations in prayer (and we think He must especially love kids’ prayers!). 

But those little talkers who can’t seem to put a period on a sentence often have a hard time knowing what to say to God. Just like us, they struggle with words, their minds wander, and they say the same things over and over again. The good news is that when it comes to your child developing a deep, life-long faith, your influence is HUGE, Mom! iMOM’s kids’ prayers printables will teach them to trust in God, focus on others’ needs, praise God and seek forgiveness. You might even find one or two to use yourself! It’s our prayer that as you help your children grow in their faith, yours will blossom, too!

10 Ways to Teach Your Child to Pray

Helping your child develop a daily prayer life is one of the greatest gifts a mom can give. Teaching your child how to lay down their worries, seek wisdom, and enjoy the presence of a loving God is a treasure! Here are some prayers for children to pray that may help you get started. Download printable here.

Prayer for Safe Travel

When you pull out of the driveway, whether to head off to school or embark on an epic family road trip, do you worry about your family’s safety? It’s hard not to with all the cars on the road and drivers rushing to get where they are going. And there’s a reason accidents are called accidents! It’s good for drivers to stop and say a quick prayer for safe travel, but what about our kids? Once they see an accident on the side of the road, it’s easy for their little minds to wonder, “What if…?”.

Our printable prayer for safe travel will help your kids find peace and empower them to pray over your family’s journey. Keep it handy in the glove box or seat pocket so they can say it once seat belts are buckled. It’s a great way to unite your family in prayer on a regular basis and bring God into your car and travels. And what a bonus blessing it will be if your kids have this prayer memorized by the time they get their licenses and take to the road! Download printable here.

Five Finger Prayer

When you’re teaching kids subjects like math or science, using visuals makes a huge difference. The same is true for prayer. The five-finger prayer is a cute method for teaching kids to pray for others that’s easy for them to remember. We moms want our kids to love their family and friends, but as they get older, we also want them to think of people outside of their circle—maybe even strangers who need God’s love, protection, strength, or healing.

For kids who can’t think of who to pray for other than Mommy, Daddy, Grandpa, big sister, and the puppy, the five finger prayer is a super handy (ahem) way for them to think of others! Have your kids decorate their five finger prayer printable, add specific names, or even cut it out and make it a puppet with a simple popsicle stick. And we bet next time your hands are folded in prayer, you’ll find it a little easier to think of people you want to pray for, too! Download printable here.

Little Kids Prayer

Adults can make God pretty complicated, can’t we? We forget that God is love! When we’re teaching our kids how to pray, we have to make it easy for them to understand, which means getting back to the basics. Here is a little kids’ prayer that reminds them that God listens, guides, and protects them and loves us all. Jesus wanted to let the children come to Him, so this sweet rhyme will make His heart leap for joy!

This is a great prayer to print and hang in their rooms so you both see it when they rise and shine (hopefully they wait for the sun to come up!). It’s a simple way to start the day with a quick chat with God, and our kids are never too young to develop that habit. Even though it’s a little kids’ prayer, you’ll probably need it, too! It will give you peace and sanity amid the mess and rushing. Download printable here.


How can I pray for you?

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