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Why You Need to Call your Friends who are Moms of Teens

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When a new baby is on the way, the mom-to-be gets a ton of support. Shoot, we even throw her a party with gifts, decorations, and tiny triangle-cut sandwiches. In the first few months after the baby arrives, everyone wants to help. People cook meals, run errands, take the baby on a walk so mom can nap – Her house is support central!

What about when mom is giving birth to a teenager? Ouch. Or worse, when she’s in the throws of teenage parenting? Here are 3 reasons you need to reach out your friends who are moms of teens.

Moms of teens can’t share as much.

Moms of littles become expert photographers, caption-writers and social media story-tellers. They share their woes and celebrations. When kids are young, we practically crowd-source parenting. Then, bam. The cute kids stories become more serious. The kids don’t want their photo taken. They want (and deserve) more privacy. In these years when parenting becomes so hard, a lifeline 21st century moms have come to depend on for support gets cut off.

She needs to share her life with you.

Moms of teens aren’t getting as much affection.

My sons are 7 and 8 and basically my shadows. They speak all 5 Love Languages to me. I know it’s healthy for kids to separate from their parents as they grow up, but wow, it’s going to hurt. Maybe that’s why kids start smelling. So their parents aren’t so upset by the growing physical distance. Your friend who is a mom of teens knows her kids love her, but she’s probably not being told or shown like she used to.

She needs the love of a friend.

Moms of teens might be going through hormone changes.

Let’s do some math. Say she had her first child at 28 and he’s 14 now, she’s 42. Girls, we all know lots of things start changing when we step into our 40s. So right at the time when her babies start pulling away, and she can’t commiserate on social media, her hormones are saying, “You’re not dealing with enough. How ‘bout we get a little crazy on you too?” New moms are warned of the effect of hormones on their mental health while moms of teens can get blind-sided by it.

She needs friendship to bring her some normalcy.

Moms of teens, what do you need from your friends right now?


How do you show others you love them?

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